140827 “My Lovely Girl” Preview

sxpphirex whispered: I love your edits ;; Would you please make one of So Ji-Sub and Park Hyomin from T-ara together?

Hi there! Thank you but I’m sorry I don’t do requests. I mostly just make edits out of boredom and for my stories. But if I ever do decide to start, I’ll let you know :)

It was a normal day until Jongdae decided to send a text to someone who apparently never existed. (x)

I know a girl, her name is Jung Soojung.

She’s a Junior in college and she sits in the last seat of the third row in my Economics class. She doesn’t say much and always hurries home after to take care of her three year old daughter, Jung Eunbi. Some say she got knocked up in her last year of high school by the school playboy while others say it was her sugar daddy. Still despite all that, she always has a smile.

I know a girl, her name is Jung Soojung and to me, she’s the most beautiful lady in this world. (aff)

Somewhere among the secret glances through library shelves, mix matched dance beats and Friday evening caramel macchiatos, they fell in love. And somewhere during the secret library cuddle sessions, jazz hands and Monday morning americanos, he got lost. (aff)

You were my sweet escape
But now you hurt more than reality.

Thank you for always staying true to yourself. Happy birthday dearest Micky Park Yoochun Oppa. 

Unaligned Stars (Somewhere Only We Know)